Monday, June 8, 2009

The Tikkun (Rectification/Healing) of the Sin of the Spies

The Arizal revealed that the souls of the Jewish people at the end of history will be the same souls of the Jewish people from the beginning of our history. One main reason for this will be tikkun, that is rectification of the sin that they committed.

We already saw how four fifths of the Jewish population in Egypt died in the Plague of Darkness for not wanting to leave Egypt. However millions died over the course of 39 years for not wanting to go into Eretz Yisrael, and it is those souls that return at the end of history to make amends for that tragic sin.
(Rabbi Pinchas Winston Geulah Brachamim p 31-32), emphasis added

You must understand that the people of Israel did not deserve to enter the Land because they tested the Holy One Blessed be He many times. However through his abundant mercy and kindness, G-d placed in their hearts the desire to send men to spy out the land. Had they performed the mission properly, Hashem would have brought them into the land (because of this merit) and afterward, slowly but surely would have taken retribution for their previous sins. ...

Hashem commanded them to send their princes, meaning their greatest sages... Moshe was hinting that they should praise Eretz Yisrael so that the Jews would yearn to enter the Land. Then they would merit to enter therein.

...This teaches that simply yearning for and desiring the Land makes Israel worthy of inheriting it...

The holy Zohar and the Shelah explain that selfish motives caused the spies to do this. They feared that they were meant to be princes only in the desert, but once they entered the Land new princes would be appointed.

Let this be an instructive lesson. Even the greatest gadol in Torah and righteousness should not trust himself when he opposes the movement to build the land. He should not feel that his intentions are fully for the sake of heaven, for he is certainly no greater in Torah and righteousness than the princes whom Moshe sent. Consider and study this well and you will see that it is truth.

In any event, we see that Hashem motivated the Jews to send men to Eretz Yisrael for Israel's benefit. He wanted to awaken within them a yearning and desire for the good Land, so that they would be worthy to enter the Land.

There is no doubt that the Holy One Blessed be He, Who always has our best interest in mind placed this desire for the Land of our forefathers into the hearts of our Jewish brethren (who have learned the ways of the nations during this long and bitter exile), so that none of us will be banished.
( Eim Habanim Semeicha 258-259), emphasis added

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