Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Kabbalah of Kislev- Rav Dov Bear Pinson Video

This week I (Devora) had the stomach flu while I was home alone with 3 kids and scared that I had to get an I.V in the middle of the night (husband on business).  Besides the physical hishtadlut (effort) of major hydration I also knew that Hashem wanted me to take this opportunity to find him in this place of my darkness.  I closed my eyes and saw and felt Hashem's light, felt some relaxation, and knew that whatever happened I would be guided and taken care of.  As I live in Israel, I always feel that these moments are "practice opportunities" for finding Hashem's light in a situation of war, etc where the opportinuty for a "panic attack" could be much greater.  May we all be blessed to experience Hashem not just through the darkness, but also through the light.  Chodesh tov.  May Am Yisrael be blessed with safety.  May we always turn out eyes to our Avinu Bashamayim

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  1. Amen! Hope you feel better soon. Thank you for the video.