Monday, February 16, 2009

Moshiach-"esque" dreams 2008

These dreams prompted my internet search in which I discovered the Dreaming of Moschiach blog: (Since then I have discovered that there is a whole world of Jewish spiritual seekers whose soul is yearning as deep as mine for the Geulah and who are are being called to the mission of sharing their g-dly voice as both an embrace and a wake up call to Am Yisrael)

Dream 1: I am on a cruise ship and there is a Huge buffet and everyone is eating in a gluttonous manner. I come into the center of the room (though I am a man in the dream) and I start telling everyone that they need to say the Shema with me out loud. No one seems to be paying much attention so I go to each person one by one and plead the importance. I then stand in the center and begin powerfully chanting Shema Yisrael Hashem Elokeinu Hashem EHAD and it reverberates through the room. A few join in in an undertone.

Dream 2: I am in a war about to be fired upon by many automatic weapons and I start to think in my mind with all my koach yud-k-vav- k and then as if I had a stun gun the whole scene freezes and the enemy begins to retreat.

The interpretations seem clear, working on our emunah and Knowing Hashem so deeply that Ein Od Milvado is the only ammunition we are going to need for any war. All emunah work is a preparation for any battle phyiscal or spiritual (though any battle has its spiritual counterpart). We can't be lazy, silent, indifferent, or in hiding. We always need to be warriors in our battle to get closer to Hashem.

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  1. Woah---such powerful and inspirational dreams! So true! Thank you for sharing. And shkoaych on your's great and I love the title!! Keep it up, un-stifled prophetess!!