Thursday, April 23, 2009

Autistic boy Dani brings down Hashems message to Am Yisrael on our participation in Birkat Hachamah

Mike Horton

Am Yisrael, Hakadosh Baruch Hu is so happy with all the prayers that took place at Birkas Hachamah (the blessing of the sun), seeing that throughout the world, thousands upon thousands of Jews streamed into the streets, stood in the street early in the morning and made the bracha - it showed Hashem that truly a lot of Jews are awaiting the coming of Moshiach. Thus in very central places throughout the world; Jerusalem, Bnei Braq, New York, Los Angeles, Lakewood, Monsey, London, in all the places the sun was bright and easy to see and particularly in Jerusalem the sun was strong, pleasant and spiritual, one could sense a certain unnatural element, a Heavenly element. But Am Yisrael, open your eyes well; it's all over. continued at link below

The beginning part, until the its all over line was very inspiring. I know that I experienced Birkat Hachama with such joy, and also felt that the sun had a special brightness and warmth that day.
I davened that morning completely out loud with such a different exuberance. It is special to even imagine that Hashem was smiling back at us, and as we are still human, a little acknowledgment when we are on the right path is helpful .(Not to negate the subtle acknowledgment that Hashem sends daily to show us that we are on the right path if we are attentive). To wake up and bless Hashems creations with such a full heart and then at night during the Seder.. to thank Hashem for his wonderous miracles...what a better day could exist? It felt like some small percentage of the joy that we will experience when Moshiach comes. May we hold onto all the light from all of our experiences of Hashems revelation and use it to break through the klipot of darkness

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