Tuesday, April 14, 2009

On true freedom

Confine me not in cages
Of substance or of spirit.
I am lovesick,
I thirst, I thirst for G-d,
More than the deer for water brooks.
Rav Kook


To sing and dance with Hashem. No boundaries.... from ourselves... or others. Hashem is our only true guide. No human limits from reaching our G-d given potential. Freedom to be who and what Hashem intended for us. To seek our Emet and Hashems Emet. To soar high above Olam Ha Sheker until we reach Olam Ha Emet. To sing amd dance with Hashem.

We got in a discussion at our seder table about what it means to be truly free and how being a "servant" of Hashem can constitute true freedom.

Shomo Carlebach in his book Lev Hashamayim, thoughts on Pesach, offers some profound insights. He says that even though we got our freedom as a present from Hashem it is something that we need to work on daily.

He says that there is something in every man that pushes him to be a slave of someone or something. The question he asks is who are you a slave/servant to? Because only a servant of Hashem is truly a "Ben Horin", a Free man. Only a person who is a servant of Hashem is completely free to be who and what they are meant to be.

Rabbi Nachman says that man needs to ask himself all the time this question. Am I servant of Hashem or of man. You can't be both he says. Chazal teach that when you toil in torah you are the freeest man in the world. Why? because you know how to distinguish because what is good and what is not. Therfore you don't have to listen to anyone from the outside who tries to push you from what you know, you just need to listen to your neshama and what it tells you is true. Says Shlomo, if you are a slave to man you are under the whim of what they see fit so you are truly a slave. Only if you are a servant of Hashem are you truly free.

And the greater the freedom , the greater will be the level of holiness. "I will rejoice in the Lord, I will exult in the G-d of my salvation" (Hab. 3:18) Rav Kook The lights of Penitence, the Lights of Holiness, The Moral Principles, Essays, Letters and Poems

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  1. Life has a purpose and you need freedom to fulfil your destiny and accomplish the mission God gave you, under God's guidance. There is nothing a person can desire more and if one achieves it, he becomes a truly realized person.