Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Keruvim were facing eachother during the burning of the Beit Hamikdash

The keruvim-angelic cherubs, which stood atop the Holy Ark, maintained a back- to- back position all through the period before the Destruction, signifying Hashem's anger with us. Yet as soon as the Churban began, they turned around and faced each other. This was a revelation of great love from Hashem. (www.naaleh.com, Rebetzin Tzippora Heller drash)

This teaching gives me chills. Many feel during this time period of the 3 weeks that Hashem is hidden and that it is particularly challenging to connect to him. I feel that Hashem may may be a little more obscured during this time because he wants us to seek him with all our intensity.. Perhaps during tragedies Hashem contracts on some level, but we have to know and feels that hashem is always with us and that the contraction felt is necessary for us to yearn for him and get reconnected. Perhaps at some point in this life or a past life we may have abandoned Hashem when we thought he was not present for us which may be also playing out during the three weeks to give us the opportunity to heal this place. We may have falsely assumed that because of our national and personal suffering that Hashem abandoned us.

I just heard on Shabbat someone say that there were those during the Holocasut who felt completely abandoned by Hashem where others felt Hashems presence continually and saw miracles all around. Perhaps the work of the 3 weeks and Tisha B'Av lies here. To try to feel Hashem's presence within the pain of the personal suffering. To forgive Hashem for what we could not understand.... To acknowledge that we will not be able to see the whole picture until Moshicah comes. By doing this we allow Hashems light to repenetrate. It is our choice. May we be blessed to use this time of Tisha B' Av to really speak 1:1 to Hashem. To ask for forgiveness for the areas that are inhibiting our fullest connection... to ask Hashem to make his presence known to us, and then to bring his presence into all of our being.


  1. Sholom,

    You say you are stifled because you are waiting for the final dance of redemption.

    I say to you, you are not stifled but only unaware. If you only knew, you would begin to dance because Moshiakh is so close that many are seeing him already. I have seen him. So, dance, for he is about to come.


  2. RE: a Yid's comment above: Where is the nearest pig farm?

    I'm serious. One of the sure signs I've been told that Mashiach has arrived is that pigs will begin to chew their cud and thus be kosher animals. In Hebrew: Chet-Zayin-Yud-Resh (chazir - pig) has the same shoresh (root) as lachazor (Lamed-Chet-Zayin-Vav-Resh), to return.