Saturday, March 7, 2009

Womens work

A Purim Mantra in Haiku, 1996

To discern G-d's voice

Admist throngs of imposters,

This is women's work

(Purim Bursts, 2000 Sarah Idit Schneider)

The Shem Mishmuel teaches (Based on the writings of Chaim Vital) that mans existence in the physical world is expressed via the 3 levels of the soul

- machshava (thought)
Ruach - Dibbur (speech)
Nefesh- Maaseh (action)

channeled the power of Kedusha and used the three levels of the soul to save the people

Thought- discern the heavenly decree
Speech- pray for salvation
Action- mourning actions

Haman channeling the power of Evil (Amalek) directed the forces of tumah (impurity) against the Jews allowing him to use the three levels of the soul for sinning.

Thought- Plotted against the Jews
Speech- Spoke to convince Achashverosh of plans
Action- Bribery with money plans for gallows

As we see from above in the physical world there was a standoff between the forces of kedusha and the forces of impurity that is until..... Esther took the scene.

Esther had the ability to utilize a higher level of the Jewish soul called chaya. With this she was able to pull reinforcement from the heavenly sphere, Hashems upper realms where forces of darkness and impurity can never reach. It was also the Heavenly power of chaya that Moshe Rabbeinu harnassed to defeat Amalek in the past. In the past using the energy of the lower spheres our enemies (Bilam and Balak) were defeated, but this required something more Because Amalek personifies evil it had to be combatted with the strongest ammunition possible. Moshe stood on the peak and he did not move and he did not make plans. He used this weapon of chaya.

Jews need to know that we have this power from Hashem to draw on that Amalek can never touch. We need to look inside, dig deep, and harness all our energies for Kedusha. With that, like Malkat Esther we will bring the redemption.

Derived from a shiur from Rabbi Hershel Reichman on Amalek, Purim and Chassidut

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