Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Working with our inner "Amalek"

As a follow up on healing techniques I found a section in Sarah Idit Schneider's book Purim Bursts where she states the the war with Amalek is a spiritual practice and offers her technique. She states:

Become mindful of the stream of thoughts that pass through awareness. Identify those that are spiritually corrupt and label their flaw (i.e jealous, vengeful judgmental, etc.) Find the truth that undermines its fallacy and formulate it clearly. For example if you are working on jealousy you could compose a prayer that would go something like this.

Hashem knows my life's mission even better than I. He designed it, He wills it, and He is bound by an irrevocable covenant to assist its fulfillment from cradle to grave. Not a moment passes where he fails to provide the resources required for my next step in personal and spiritual growth. The blessings that I covet in other peoples lives would only be an obstacle to mu soul;s work. This moment is perfect. It has all that I need . I KNOW that this is true.

KNOW she states that you are drawing down a beam of light that is dissolving evil at its root. By exposing the lie at its core, the ground crumbles beneath it, for the bedrock of existence is truth. Purim is a time of grace when forces align to facilitate this work.

(Purim Bursts, 2000)

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