Sunday, March 15, 2009

Yin and Yang: America and Jerusalem

America Jerusalem

easy intense
stuck spiraling, movement
distant intuitive, reflecting
flashy falsehood revelation, magnetism
earthly spiritual
external yearning
preoccupied challenging
contracted expansive consciousness
cold fire
dulled sparkling
empty connective
stuck moving, spiraling
outside ones self being
worry emunah
falsehood Truth clarifying
ALONE Hashem

The Jewish soul yearns to be home with its Abba. To experience all that it was created for. Eretz Yisrael is unique in that the land, the people, even the air filled with prayer reflect back the holiness of the soul. When it is stuck on foreign lands the soul feels alone. The soul does not know where to go. It can always reach to get sustenance from Hashem and other G-d fearing Jews, but the rest of the space is devoid. Devoid space is a breeding ground for the yetzer hara. Yes Jews are responsible for lifting the sparks in the whole world, but we can never forget that Only Eretz Yisrael can provide the Jewish soul the ability to fulfill its potential and is ultimately home.

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