Sunday, June 10, 2012

To my holy nation #3

Am Yisrael, It is time to return to your Av Bashamayim.  There is no more time left.  You are my people and I am your Abba.  Return home.  Time has come for you to come home under my wings of shelter.  I will protect you from the storm you are about to enter.  Please trust in Me and put faith into the One that created and creates you every second.  Make time to ponder 1. Why you are here?  2. What is your specific and general task among Am Yisrael?  and 3.Who Created you?  You need to come to know me in all my essence that is attainable at your level.  Do not be far away from me.  Know that my love for you is so great- beyond bounds.  It is for your coming Home to Me that I Created the World.
         Come Home to your physical earth as well.  Know deeply and truthfully that the land outside of Eretz Yisrael was only on temporary loan to you and that period has EXPIRED!  Your Only home is Eretz Yisrael, the land of my providence.  You need to be surrounded by your holy earth to receive its sustenance, its kedusha, so that it can raise you up.  The sparks need to be brought to Eretz Yisrael and transmuted to kedusah.  Know that you are presently Homeless when you are not in your land.  You need to come Home and Hold onto it With Everything You Have.  For this you were created.  To be in the place that is at One with My kedusha.  To not run away from it and think that you will find kedusha hidden in the same measure anywhere else.  Come Home Now.  Make a resolution that will benefit the Am, and your own Neshama.  It has been waiting for so long.
       A Jew is without "Water" and "Air" outside of the Land.  Know this deeply within your bones. The time has come.  The holy Neshama that I placed within you CANNOT Thrive in the same way on foreign soil ANYMORE.  It will only be nourished, fostered, in the deepest way from planting it withing my fields, mountains, and vineyards of the holy soil of Eretz Yisrael.  It is there that I have planted kedusha within the rocks.  Kedusha springs forth like no other place in the world.  The time is Running Out.  Bring all of your Loved Ones Home.
     This Land is the only land of abundance, prosperity and life giving energy for a Jew.  Leave what you "think" is there and come home without delay.  Your soul is waiting.  It has been waiting for so very long to be home in the arms of its Abba.  The hills and valleys of Eretz Yisrael are waiting for your arrival.  Do not delay.  This land is beyond time and space- and its roots are holy and wise.  The time is running out.  Every Jew needs to come home to the Holy Land now, with Hashem's blessing.

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