Monday, July 16, 2012

The Month of Tammuz- Tikkun of Sight part 2

Excerpts from The Twelve Dimensions of Israel, Nechama Sarah Nadborny :

Reuven (from the hebrew root, re'eh, "to see")...or another exposition on the name is Reu Ben ("see the difference " Leah says between my son Reuven and Esav, the brother of Jacob)..
There is one particular incident in which Reuven lacked this ability to accept the reality of the past and the present.  As a result, his emotions caused him to overstep his boundaries as Yaakov's son and to interfere with his fathers household.  After the death of Rachel, Reuven expected Yaakov to move into the tent of his mother, Leah.  Instead Yaakov abided with Bilhah.  Rachels half-sister and maidservant.  The painful realization of the lack of propriety that his mother held in his father's life caused him to react passionately rather than wisely.
       In the terminology of Kabbalah the "son" represents the emotive characteristics of the heart and  the "father" represents wisdom.  The drama between Yaakov and his son Reuven is an archetype of all transgressions which are are a result of human needs, emotions and unrectified behavior suffering from incomplete healing, thereby clouding clarity and dictating our actions.                                                                                                                                                                                               
      However, because of his ability to admit his mistake and take responsibility for his actions he was able to do teshuvah-to take a negative action, a transgression, and elevate it to the point where he could gain the power of insight to go beyond the fragmentation.  We learn in retrospect- only in retrospect that the trangression itself was ultimately a vehicle for bringing us closer to G-d.  After the fact, the transgression provides a unique channel for the light of keter to tap our consciousness.  The entire process of tehuvah beomes an intimate learning experience through which the deepest, most beautiful secrets are revealed.  One acquires an individual teaching: like a direct whisper form G-d whose value exceeds all teachings....

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