Tuesday, July 3, 2012

We are one Soul

I am reminded every day as I live my life as a Jew, that every Jewish soul is my soul and that we are in seperable in our mission.  I felt this as I wept after seeing someone who used to be religious without tzizit and kippa anymore.   The feeling I experience is that any Jewish soul's struggles and challenges are my challenges and responsibility as we are" Kol Arevim Zeh La Zeh".  He is part of my soul and I am part of his. The chiddush I took in response to this scenario however, was instead of placing judgment in the world, I davened for him and intuited that he had felt sad and disconnected from Hashem. I try to send him energy that he should feel enveloped in Hashem's light  As our souls are always pure, Beezrat Hashem they will all will be guided to return to their truest soul light.
        Another positive example I had of this was davening at the Kotel this week.  As a woman with small children who does not go to shul all of my davening is not in tzibbur (with the pulic).  Hearing the shalich tzibbu r(the prayer leader) at the Kotel was such a beautful mirroring of my own soul.  This same feeling happened when I listened to the video Tzion (see post below for video), and another occasion on hearing a beautiful chassid singing tehillim with his whole soul out loud one day.  I felt so strongly in all these instances that we are one nation, there is only One Torah, and none of us should ever feel alone in our mission in Am Yisrael.  They are singing and yearning my deepest beliefs from inside of them and I am singing and yearning their deepest beliefs inside of me.  And why does it make me cry because Hashem placed this same exact True Torah and therefore same exact yearning inside all of Am Yisrael!!!  We all feel it because this torah is who we all are.  May we all be blessed to keep elevating each other to our highest potential as Jews.


  1. But as Noahide I feel masny times the same way.

    But then I feel guilty as i hear som lectures stressing the world was made only for Jews. Last night I asked Hashem, I am not a Chosen one, but You created me, the feelings i have seem sinilar to youe Chosen, but You created me a non Jew and Your Rabbi's (some of them) say he world was only masde for Your Chosen and I do not have tomarried I csan live with any msan, I commit no sin, because I am goy.

    This pains me. Can any one tell if thiser so, if so, why the hack should I bother to live.

  2. Dear special Noahide soul, It is beautiful that you feel so much and feel such a strong connection to Hashem. Keep talking to Hashem and keep listening as Hashem guides you in His ways. I would suggest looking on some Noahide websites for some Rabbis thaht you can ask your specific questions to. In the meantime keep seeking Truth, keep your connection open to Hashem always, keep asking questions and He will guide you to the next step on your path. Blessings! Let me know if you have trouble finding a website that has Rabbis that can address your questions and I will search for you.

  3. Dear Devorah, Thank you so much. I am in touch right now with a Rabbi who has a show on INR. I shall be taking my questions to him. Just got my first reply from him today, :) Baruch Hashem. He has explained, (he is Orthodox), that there are some attitudes that some ultra Orthodox have, but they do not mean harm, only protection for what they believe because of the open wickedness(if u allow me to use that word :) ) of todays world.
    Devorah you are something special. No... all you guys are... I spend whatever time, which turns out to be most of my time... on these sites like this and yours, and a host of others. No, I will not give up on Hashem. All my life as a goy, when I look back His hand has guided me. So much I could keep talking of. Wish I could meet you face to face. But thanks to Hashem for the internet, yes it can be used for bad, like anything else, but it can be used for learning about Hashem too. Hashem bless you and yours and all of Am Israel. And all goy who look to Him

  4. Devorah, I realized when I wrote my comment to which you so beautifully replied. I had made many typo errors. I was so upset and just typed without checking for errors. Thanks again.
    I am beholden to so many of you.
    Hashem bless you all.

    anon also sc