Monday, July 9, 2012

Question from a blogger regarding the source of my letters to the nation with my reply

I have a question and I hope you don't take it as criticism. How does a human being of flesh and blood write a letter as if the Boreh Olam Himself is writing it? We have love letters from Hashem in Torah and TaNaCh. Again, I hope I am not hurting your feelings but I have never in my life see a Jew do this.

Answer: I am so happy that you asked this question, as I think that anyone who is reading this post should inquire the source of the information. I realize that you are asking from a place of love and good intentions and it should definitely be clarified publicly.  Just to share a little about myself, I am a Charedi leumi woman who feels very connected to the soul of Am Yisrael.    I write these posts Beezrat Hashem from a place in my Neshama, after morning shacharit (during hitbodedut), where I hear the words within .  I say them in the exact way that I hear them inside.  I do not say that these are the words of Hashem, the title is just a creative expression of what I hear my Neshama saying.  As we are all parts of the collective soul of Am Yisrael, each Neshama is a chelek elokai mimal,  each soul can determine on its own if this resonates as Truth on whatever level for them.  I am a constant seeker of Truth and  Chas VChalilah I would ever put words that did not reflect the ikkar of Tanach to Am Yisrael.  As I have seen so far nothing I have written seems to contradict what I have seen in all of our sources as nothing seems to be "new under the sun".  In addition before I put out the first letter I felt very ill at ease about what I was going to do, though I felt the push inside so overwhelmingly strong , I felt that I did not have the choice but to write what I heard inside(My name is Devora, I  guess that explains it :)  
     As I write the letters I am usually a little bit shaky even during it.  I spent much time trying to get clarity about how to proceed and so  I asked advice from Rav Moshe, a Kabbalist who answers shailot for the Am at the kever of Rebbe Shimon Bar Yochai.  I read him on of the letters, and told him that I do not want people to think I am saying  I am a prophetess or something of the sort (despite the title of the blog I have much fear and trepidation about this).  After he heard  one he just kept say "wow, wow wow", and that the one I had read to him was even reflecting the Torah portion of the week  ".  He said that I have to write them and continue to be a "warrior" for Am Yisrael, especially starting in the month of Tammuz, and that I have a blessing to write them as they come from a place of Yirat Shamayim and from a kol pnimi.  He gave me full blessing to do this and said that I will be needing to write a lot more in the future.  Again please take these words according to your own Truth sensor from your own that is what we have to rely on now in this world until Moshiach Tzidekenu comes and our prophets are brought back to us. 


  1. Blessings to Ariella, and anonymous. Baruch Hashem for all of the seekers of Hakadosh Barch Hu out there, and all of the holy discussions lshem Shamayim. May Moshiach come soon!!!!