Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Secrets of Redemption Maamar Ha Geulah- Ramchal #4

Excerpts from Secrets of Redemption, Maamar Ha Geulah: Ramchal pages 5,6

"Do not rejoice, you than brings enmity upon me, for although I fell, I rose up; when I dwell in darkness. Hashem is a light unto me' (Michah 7:8)  This verse aknowledges the sod of Yisrael's trust and their yearnings to be redeemed, completely and speedily in our days, Amen."

Rabbi Nissim, the translator and commentor:
     The Ramchal begins by quoting the verse from Micah which encapsulated the entire redemption process.  It refers to the 1st Beis Hamikdash period where Micah predicts the downfall of Yisrael and Yerushalayim, and the subsequent  ascent towards times of peace and global redemption.

This verse is referred to several times in this work.  It describes the two fundamental stages of world development.  The Ramchal calls these stages pekidah and zecihra.  The first part is the process where hashem safeguards us in the Diaspora and is described by the verse, "I fell".  Towards the end of the period of pekidah, the internal perfection of Yisrael will come into effect.  For this reason the verse continues, "I rose up".

The later stage of the Diaspora occurs when society will begin to perceive Hashem.  Initially society is devoid of godliness and empty of spirituality, and therefore this is referred to as darkness, as  ot says "When I dwell in darkness"  However, once society starts to perceive Hashem they will realize that throughout the period of darkness Hashem was maintaining them.  Therefore the verse concludes that "Hashem is a light unto me".  This later stage is called zechira, since it is as if G-d is called into the world by society.  

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