Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Secrets of Redemption Book- Maamar Ha Geulah #3- Thoughts on the Beit Hamikdash

**This post is a continuation idea from the commentary on the Chatam Sofer post a couple of days ago, see previous post...

From the translator and commentor Rabbi Mordechai Nissim:
Personal vision
"While we are expected to maintain this tightrope of yearning for the future while remembering our loss, focusing on past tragedy can lead to disenchantment.  Therefore our priority should be to focus on renewal.  After the fall of Yerushalayim and the Beis Ha Mikdash ever generation found itself experiencing spiritual confinement in a foreign environment. It is within this context that the idea of rekindling the Divine spiritual light in this world and, thereby bringing about the ultimate end comes into play.
     Consequently it becomes incumbent upon every individual to create a personal vision of the future, his or her own vision of Yerushalayim.  This is expressed by King David in the verse, "Then our mouths will be filled with joy" (tehillim 126:2)  The Talmud expounds that the joy mention here which in hebrew is s'chok, is only permitted in the future....Like the future state of Yeryushalayim, this joy cannot be expressed now and will not find fullfillment until the future.  We thus find a disparity between the mourning of our loss while at the same time we yearn for the sense of joy.  We visualize our future happiness, even though it is not tangible.  By keeping this mental vision of the future alive we have transcended the limitations of time, no matter what historical epoch we find ourselves in.  The Ramchal explains further that the morner actually becomes like a brand that is connected to it.  Therefore when Yerushalayim is rebuilt, those who have mourned its loss will automatically share in the experience of its rebuilding, since they share its fate. "

**This reminds me of one Tisha BAv when I was at the kotel and it felt so unbelievably peaceful.  There was a lot of "light" and it was packed with people.  It was such a wonderful feeling that it almost felt like one of the 3 regalaim.... how it will be in the future please G-d may we return to the actualization of that quickly.  My other thought is that the first stage one really needs to identify with the pain...What is this place of pain, what is its true source?  How I experience it on a physical level, in my body is one of the deepest places of never ending pain.  It is the pain of potentially loosing one's connection with G-d,- which is in my experience the place of the most "existential/spiritual" pain and therefore for those who can feel its counterpart in the body the most "physical" pain in the world.  However when we feel this, we have a ticket to re connection.  And this can provide what the author states as the "rekindling of the spiritual light in the world".  I was speaking to a friend this week who said "Even though the 3 weeks are hard, when I cry I feel the closest to Hashem right now".  This is the ikkar of the work right now...May we be blessed to feel so united with Hakadosh Baruch Hu during this open window for re-connection!!!

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